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We specialize in casting of semifinished jewel pieces for workshops, manufacturing of orders, medals and brand identity signs by order. There are departments of design and modelling, wax models building up, casting. A separate area of our work is production of crosses and prayer rings and individual manufacturing of church items.

Our clients

Сomplete production cycle

Sketch designing

It all starts with an idea. In order for us to give your idea more clear shape on paper, tell us as much detail as possible about the subject matter, the appointment, about the future owner of jewellery piece, and we will try to find an optimal solution together.

3D model and visualisation

We do jewellery 3D modelling of almost any complexity. To create the model, we need to know the exact dimensions, and also have a visual conception of the jewel (sketch, picture or photo).

Thanks to a special computer program based on the 3D model you can see how the finished product will look like, and allow for all the technical and artistic nuances: change the aspect ratio and scale dimensions, to choose the color and finish of metal, try on the various insets.

Wax model creation

Depending on the type and complexity of the item either model is carved from wax on the Roland milling equipment, or modeled on wax by hand.

Hand sculpted plastic lets to model "live", natural shape jewellery (for example, plants or animals).

Rubber mold

Bulding up of wax blocks (trees)

Semi-finished items casting

Surface treatment using tumbler

We have the following equipment: magnetic burnishing, barrel grinding, vibrotumbling (grinding, polishing and buffing).